Optimism | How to Be Optimistic & The Importance of Optimism

Optimism | How to Be Optimistic & The Importance of Optimism

Welcome to video number 7 in this mini-series where I am discussing the essential qualities of a spiritual person and in this video, I’ll be discussing the importance of optimism, how to be optimistic, and why expressing optimism is important for spiritual development.

So what is optimism?

Optimism is having confidence in the future or having confidence in the success of something.

And learning how to be optimistic and expressing optimism in your life has many benefits for your physical and psychological health, as well as your spiritual development.

Expressing optimism has been shown to boost motivation and happiness, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your physical and psychological well-being to help you better cope with the challenges of life.

From a spiritual perspective, you can learn how to be optimistic by changing your perspective to realize one important truth.

And that truth is that everything that happens in your life, happens for a reason. Even if life throws a hurdle or challenge into your path, there is a reason for you being given that.

It can certainly be difficult to see a silver lining with some events, however, if you are always looking for the silver lining, if you are always being optimistic and looking for the purpose behind your challenging life events, you will realize that the events in your life and not due to random chance.

All the events in your life are due to design. There is a blueprint for your life to help you remember important things about yourself to help you awaken and develop spiritually.

Every one of your challenging life events has a benefit and can teach you something that will help your spiritual development.


Your Life Challenges Are Self-Purifying

One benefit is that your challenges in life are self-purifying. All of us are born into each lifetime holding onto the energy we have accumulated from all previous lifetimes.

There are impurities within your Soul which are created by the thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions you have expressed in all your previous lifetimes.

Those impurities are imprinted into your body and energy field and those impurities must be cleansed. And there are a number of ways we have an opportunity to cleanse those impurities.

Self-healing, meditation, and opening your heart to Source are all effective ways of releasing these impurities.

The challenging life events you must endure are another opportunity you have to let go of these impurities within your body, energy, and Soul.

Your thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions have created these impurities over many lifetimes.

Look at every hurdle and challenge in your life as an opportunity to cleanse your entire being.


Change Your Perspective & Change Your Life

Change your perspective to realize, that the hurdles and challenges in your life are an opportunity to let go of these impurities so you can open your heart and be closer to The Source.

Realize that when your life gets difficult to bear, that The Source is with you, guiding you, and giving you an opportunity to let go of your impurities and burdens, to help you open your heart, self-purify, and shine brighter in heart, body, Soul, and Spirit.

No matter how challenging your life may have been, and no matter how challenging your life may become, realize that The Source is guiding you to let go of the impurities and burdens you have accumulated due to your own past thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions.

When you realize and accept that every single one of your challenging life events has a positive spiritual purpose behind them then you can start to not only cleanse yourself of impurities and burdens, but you can start to become aware of the deeper message that each of your challenging life events holds for you.


Your Challenging Life Events Are trying to Guide You

Your challenges and burdens may be:

  • guiding you to forgive someone for something.
  • guiding you to forgive yourself.
  • guiding you to learn how to be non-attached.
  • guiding you to learn how to maintain inner peace, harmony, and balance in the face of adversity.
  • or guiding you to learn how to express unconditional Love when you are faced with darkness and chaos.

Remember, that there is no such thing as a positive or negative event for the Soul.

All events are valuable and all events have a positive purpose because all events offer your Soul an opportunity to purify.

Humans simply label what feels good as positive, and they label what feels bad as negative.

Whatever you may feel, you are being given an opportunity to release something, so you can self-purify and become aware of something to help you improve your state of being and develop spiritually.

So being optimistic, in a spiritual sense, is realizing that the challenging events in your life don’t happen to you. They happen for you.


The Energy You Express Comes Back to You

You are not being punished by anyone. You are being given the opportunity to cleanse and purify yourself from the effects of your past thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions that stretch back through every lifetime.

Every thought, feeling, intention, and action you express is reflected back to you, not only to help you self-purify but to help you become aware of the power and potential that exists within your thoughts and feelings.

Your thoughts and feelings change the physical material world around you.

And the more you advance spiritually and the more your heart and energy field opens, the quicker and easier you can change the world around you.

Your thoughts and feelings change lives, even the lives of people you have never laid eyes upon or met.

Your thoughts and feelings may manifest a certain reality for some other person as a reflection of your thoughts and feelings.

I know there are many of you who have experienced the collective thoughts and feelings of humanity with the recent challenging events we are experiencing in the world.

Your thoughts and feelings influence the world, they influence people.

And one day, at some point, in some lifetime, that will be reflected back to you so you can be free of the impurities you create and hold onto within your body, energy, and Soul.


Be Optimistic

Be optimistic, always.

Realize that you are being given exactly what you need to advance spiritually, no matter how dark and unpleasant it may be to experience that event.

And look for the message behind every life event.

That event may be guiding you to maintain awareness, peace, balance, harmony, Love, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, patience, faith, humility, or selflessness.

Remember, that when you have optimism and confidence in the success of your future, knowing that the hand of The Source is guiding you at every moment, there is nothing that will ever hold you back in life again.


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Optimism | How to Be Optimistic & The Importance of Optimism

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