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Science has shown that Reiki works. But It can't prove 'how' it works!

When science is unable to prove a thing, unfortunately that tends to be the end of the road for many. However looking to human history, we can see that what was once science-fiction has a habit of becoming science-fact. The same can be said for how Reiki heals.

There is well documented research into how Reiki heals which shows it has positive, relaxing, healing effects. However as we start delving into more relating to how Reiki heals the body and mind, we can start to see that there’s more scientific understanding these days. Rather than being a mix of fantasy and spiritual mumbo jumbo.

The nature of Reiki is The Source of life Itself. Or what many label God.

I understand that this may come as a surprise to many people. In this light, we’re dealing with something that exists outside of our understanding of matter, time and space. So from a purely scientific point of view, science can only go so far to fully explaining Reiki, from a scientific perspective at least.

That’s because this is the point our brains and minds cannot go any further. Our brains and minds are restricted by the limitations of the environment they’re in.

So we can’t prove how Reiki works in scientifically validated terms. However we can demonstrate it working through the many scientific studies that have been done. And if we exercise our imagination while connecting the dots, we can begin to draw a very interesting picture.


Everything is energy, vibrating at various frequencies!

Reiki energy can be sent over long distances, whether by land, ocean or space.

One person could be sitting in New York receiving Reiki from another person sending it from Glasgow where it will be received and will work accordingly. So Reiki is not bound by our understanding of matter, time and space.

In a spiritual sense, Reiki is what connects us to The Source of life Itself. However we can explain Reiki healing and explain how Reiki heals in a more scientific sense without being too mystical and esoteric.

You may well hear this quote of mine from time to time.

Science has shown us that everything in the Universe, at the sub-atomic level, is energy.

So everything in the Universe, whether it’s a galaxy, a planet in that galaxy, a person, or even a plant, an emotion, or an event, at its route, it’s energy.

All of these different things can quite correctly, and scientifically, be viewed as being different formations of energy. All of these things are made from the same energy. However it’s the different vibration rate of the subatomic particles that give things their different forms.

With this understanding we can also say that good health, or illness and disease, can be viewed as being different rates of vibrational energy.

We literally have the power and capability to interact directly with the energetic root of illness and disease. You can learn how to direct energy to magnetically influence the energy in a different place.

So we can change the rate of vibration of an illness or disease by directing higher vibration energy into the lower vibration energy. And this is basically the science behind what heals the body and mind.


Your intentions set the flow of energy towards your intention!

On a deeper level, this shows us that, with intention only, we can interact and alter the sub-atomic structure of the Universe and our environment.

And you can do that even more effectively by learning how to channel and direct Reiki. Because Reiki empowers the energy of your thoughts and intention even further.

So you’re already interacting with your environment through your thoughts and intentions and in such a way that reflects how your mind has been programmed. You are very much directly connected to your environment and the Universe and It is very much connected to you. There is no separation between the two.

All is One.

That’s not spiritual mumbo jumbo or magical fantasy. It’s just science and learning how to apply the laws of physics. Beyond that we start to enter into more abstract ideas about how Reiki heals, it really doesn’t matter if we can’t see understand how Reiki heals.

We can still work with what we know works. We can work with it, develop a relationship with it and allow its energy to guide, teach and enlighten us. Because that’s what it’ll do the more we work with it.

What more could we ask for?


Forgiveness is powerful. It opens your heart to The Source of Reiki!

In terms of self-healing a big part of letting go of negative energy involves letting go of the past. And letting go of holding onto pain, anger, sorrow, and regret. Then allowing all these things inside us to release and heal.

And while Reiki can and does help with that, healing also comes from forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the most self-healing practices you could employ in your life and Reiki empowers you to remember this.

So if you have a forgiving attitude, Reiki will empower that even further too. And this will help you to speed up your own personal healing and your spiritual growth and development.

When we forgive everyone, for everything, with a sincere Heart, we automatically release the dense negative energy we hold for them.

Perhaps you’re still holding onto something.

Many of us do hold onto grudges, or hold on to the source of our own pain and suffering. Sure, it can difficult to let go of these things in certain circumstances. But that is the exact thing we should each strive to achieve.

When you truly forgive a person from your heart, all the negative energy and bad feelings gently release. Even if the person you forgive is you.

So forgiveness is not something you do for other people. It’s something you do to heal yourself. As I said, it can surely be a challenge sometimes to forgive some people for certain things. However achieving something worthwhile is never easy. And for what you get out of forgiveness, it’s well worth the effort.

Forgiveness therefore, when you look at it from this deeper perspective, is a form of energy channelling. It’s a form of energy channelling that everyone and anyone can do right now whether they are a Reiki practitioner or not.

And this is one way how Reiki heals. It empowers your ability to let go of negative energy when you become able to forgive.

A large part good health comes down to understanding how thoughts, emotions, feelings, imaginations, self-talk, and beliefs, all create specific forms of energy which then interact with us.


As above, so below! As within, so without!

When I say these things create specific forms of energy that interact with us, I mean that these energies we give off determine the sort of people and events that enter our lives.

Sometimes the energy we give off affects us so deeply that we automatically and subconsciously train ourselves to bury these energies deeply inside us until we can’t sense them anymore. But these energies are still there if we go on burying them, holding them and not releasing them.

This is one of the keys to healing anything and it starts with having knowledge of it.

Reiki empowers the energy of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and imagination. These are all tools you have at your disposal.

How well you use your thoughts, emotions, feelings, imaginations etc. will depend upon how you perceive these things.

You are not your mind or your thought, emotions, feelings and imagination. These things are all creative tools that can be used to interact with, and control, not only yourself, but the environment you exist within.

It’s not magic, it’s just science. Your mind and Heart are extremely powerful instruments you can learn to use to your advantage. Only with Reiki, you can supercharger and amplify all these tools and instruments so they work better for you.

Reiki will help you to understand how you’ve already been channelling energy, perhaps without even knowing it, for your whole life.

And it’s with this knowledge, understanding and experience of how Reiki heals that will guide you towards becoming all you were supposed to be.

Thanks for reading this article on How Reiki Heals and How Does Reiki Heal. I hope you found it interesting.


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