How Law of Attraction Works & How to Apply the Law of Attraction

How Law of Attraction Works

Hey there, I’m Ricky, in this video, I’m going to give you a very clear and simple explanation for how the Law of Attraction works and how to apply the Law of Attraction in your own life.

However I’m not going to explain just the theory and principle of how the Law of Attraction works.

I’m going to describe the exact steps you need to take, to make this universal law work for you.

So let’s not beat around the bush, as it were, and get straight to the details and look at how Law of Attraction works.


How Law of Attraction Works with Energy

Everything in the Universe is energy!

And this includes you. Your body is made from the same particles of energy as the physical world around you.

Energy, by it’s magnetic nature, either attracts other energy, or it repels it.

So what the Law of Attraction describes, is how energy is attracted towards you.

And when you understand how law of attraction works, you can intentionally and consciously influence what you attract into your life.

I’ll explain how law of attraction works in one simple quote. And then I’ll explain the steps for how you can do it yourself.

“Be the energy, you want to attract.”

Everything in your life, that’s the people in your life, the events you go through, the opportunities that come into your life, are all attracted towards you.

And what many people don’t realize, is that it is they, themselves, who attract these things into their life.

And with a little experimentation you can prove this for yourself.


What you Feel Within You Attract

If you want to attract people who feel love within their heart, you have to feel and be that energy of Love within yourself.

If you want to attract happy people into your life, you have to feel and be happy yourself.

Because the energy you feel inside yourself, is the energy you attract into your life.

The majority of people will be able to relate and recognize one way in which they attract intimate partners.

The vast majority of people, especially the younger people among us, are driven by sexual desire.

Most people don’t get in an intimate relationship because they want to give to the other person.

Most people get in an intimate relationship because they want sex.

And when you express a strong enough sexual energy yourself, you will attract other people who are also currently expressing that same sexual energy.

Or to look at that another way, if all you’re looking for is sex, you will attract people who are also looking for sex.

That’s how law of attraction works.

Now most people have little awareness and control over what they attract into their life because most people are driven by desire.

And it is what they desire, that they attract. And many desires are not consciously intended. They are instead automated impulses that we all naturally have.

So that’s how law of attraction works.

How can you now control what you attract into your own life?


How to Apply The Law of Attraction

Remember I said:

“Be the energy, you want to attract.”

So to control what you attract into your life, you have to control your own energy.

Now what do I mean by that.

Your body has an energy field that surrounds it. Some people know it as your aura.

And your aura is an energy field that interacts with your environment.

So the energy you channel into your aura, is the energy you will attract from your environment.

This is how Law of Attraction works.

So how do you change your own energy, in order to influence what you attract?

Your thoughts, your feelings, and your imagination, are very misunderstood aspects of the human person.

Your thoughts, feelings and imagination are not you.

They are tools which you have at your disposal.

And when you realize that your thoughts, feelings and imagination are tools, naturally you then wonder, “How do I use these tools to my advantage?”

Everyone is attracting things into their life and manifesting their sense of reality.

However most people are not in control of their thoughts, feelings and imagination.

So most people are not in control of what they attract into their life.

There may well be some occasions when people’s thoughts, feelings and imagination align with one another and in those situations, they attract exactly what they want.

But mostly, people are directed by their own thoughts, feelings and imagination.

That is very much like an artist being controlled by his own brush.


Your Thoughts, Feelings & Imagination Are Energy

Your thoughts, feelings and imagination are all different forms of energy.

After all, all these things exist within this world of energy.

And you can use your thoughts, feelings and imagination in order to influence your own aura, or energy field.

And by doing so, you can control your own energy signature, which selects what sort of energy you attract into your life.

It’s really very simple in principle. But sure, it takes a little practise.

So how can you use this yourself.

This is the mechanics for how your thoughts, feelings and imagination influence your energy field.

Let’s create an example so I can explain how you can do this yourself.


How to Apply the Law of Attraction Step by Step

Step 1:

There are three things you need to create within yourself to control the law of attraction.

You need to create:

  • a thought
  • a feeling
  • and you need to exercise your imagination.

Let’s say you want to attract love into your life from another person.

The thought you create, is the intention, you want to fill your energy field with.

And your intention, is to attract Love.

So you can consciously intend to fill your energy field with the energy of Love, by using thought.

Step 2:

Next, you need to reinforce and amplify that thought with energy.

And this is where your feelings come in.

The energy you can create within yourself, in the form of feelings, is the energy you charge your energy field with.

The energy you feel, follows the direction of the thought.

So your thought, or intention, is to fill your energy field with love.

And by creating the feeling of Love within you, that Love follows the thought and channels Love into your energy field.

Step 3:

Next is to exercise your imagination.

At this stage, you want to imagine within your mind, a very clear image of what it is you want to attract.

So if you’re attracting Love from a person, create all the attributes that you want to attract from this person within your imagination.

Imagine the colour of their hair!

Imagine the shape of their body!

Picture yourself within this imagined image!

Visualize both of you interacting with one another!

Make this visualization as clear and as vivid as you possible can be, while maintaining the original thought of Love, and feeling that energy.

Now sustain these three things, the thought, the feeling and the image, for a few minutes if you can.

And repeat this process daily.

One of the key things to remember however, is to accept, and believe wholeheartedly, and within your mind, that what you are attracting is slowly being drawn towards you.

Now I understand that creating a thought and an imagination are pretty easy for most people.

The difficult thing to create however, is feelings and emotions on cue.

If we could all just feel happy, then we would already be happy.

So if you find creating emotion and feeling at Will difficult at first, try visualizing a memory of a past event when you felt love.

And once you feel this love within you, then add the thought and the visualization of what you want to attract.


There Are Important Spiritual Principles Behind the Law Of Attraction

I noticed when I was 14 years old, that In was starting to attract all the things that I had a strong desire for.

Whether that was people, things, or events.

And I found it to be a funny coincidence at first. Until I started experimenting with this.

With a little practise, I realized that I could be very very specific with what I wanted to attract, and I would attract that into my life.

It may takes weeks, usually months, and on some rare occasions a year or so, but I attracted everything I intended to.

Now I’m not saying that this is something you should do.

There are quite deep spiritual reasons for why you SHOULD NOT, manifest and control the law of Attraction for human pleasure and desire.

If you want to learn how to use the Law of Attraction for spiritual gain, and you want to empower your energy field even further,

Learn Reiki, and you can use that energy to seriously boost your own energy field.

And I’ll explain this in fine detail in my Online Reiki Solas courses, which you can find a link to in the description below this video.

What this explanation for the law of attraction will show you however, is that a big part of the life you have, is the life you are attracting.

“Be the energy, you want to attract.”

And with enough mental focus, with strong enough feeling, with enough energy, and with a enough vivid imagination, you will attract exactly the same energy, that you choose to express.


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How Law of Attraction Works & How to Apply the Law of Attraction

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