Guided Meditation for Stress | Stress Reduction Technique

Guided Meditation for Stress | Stress Reduction Technique

If you suffer from stress, at the end of this article I’ll share a free guided meditation for stress and a simple stress reduction technique you can use when listening to a recording is not an option.

Everyone will be familiar with stress, it’s a state of being that everyone has no doubt experienced at one time or another. And it’s important to remember that experiencing stress has a huge negative effect on your body’s healing system.

When you experience stress, adrenaline is released into your body and your fight-or-flight response is initiated.

When this happens your body’s blood flow, nutrients, and energy are directed away from your internal organs and towards your arm and leg muscles to prepare you for fight, or flight.

And when your body is in this stressful state of fight-or-flight, your body’s healing system is temporarily shut down.

So your ability to heal and repair yourself is negatively affected.

When your stress levels return to a normal range, your body returns to its normal state of being able to heal and repair itself.

If you experience regular and prolonged stress, however, your fight-or-flight response remains turned on and over time that can have a devastating impact upon every aspect of your mental, emotional, and physical health.


Learn What Triggers Your Stress to Surface

Trying to recognize what triggers stress in your life is important so you can learn to avoid those triggers.

And it’s important to remember that stress is not just mental, it’s physical. So although a person may appear mentally calm, the body can still be in a state of stress.

There are different things that can trigger a stress response in people, however, two significant triggers are to do with an excess of information and the speed at which that information is delivered to you.

If you have a lot going on around you, and you have multiple sources of information coming at you at the one time, this information overload can lead to stress being triggered within you.

If you’ve experienced stress you will perhaps remember that, when you do, things seem to speed up. Your thoughts, speech, and actions all tend to be more hurried.

When things speed up and you feel hurried, you experience more information overload and your stress levels can build higher and higher.

This information overload and feeling hurried are two of the biggest contributors to stress, especially these days with mobile phones, social networking and the technology we have at our disposal.


Reduce Your Stress By Slowing Down

When you’re in that situation where the pace of your life increases, and you’re feeling hurried and acting a little overexcited, you need to find ways of slowing down.

If you can slow yourself down, this can help a great deal when it comes to dealing with stress.

Some of us have a busy lifestyle and hectic work commitments, however, it is certainly possible to be busy doing without being busy feeling.

Being busy in your life is not the same as feeling busy within you. And you can still live a busy life without feeling busy within you.

And how you start your day can train you to relax, be calm and at peace, and slow things down so you live life a little bit slower.


Practise this Guided Meditation for Stress

When you practise some form of relaxation your body activates its relaxation response which completely turns off your fight-or-flight response.

So to turn stress off you need to turn relaxation on and doing that involves taking 20 minutes of your time, first thing in the morning, to perform a simple relaxation technique.

And when you do that, you will turn off your body’s stress response, and your healing system will be actively healing and repairing your body again.

There’s a link, in the description box, to a free guided relaxation meditation, which is only 20 minutes long, that you can listen to every morning before you start your day to help you relax your body and mind.

And what you will find is that when you listen to this in the morning, before you do anything else, you will be feeling calmer and more relaxed for the rest of your day.


Practise this Stress Reduction Technique

After you’ve listened to this guided meditation a few times, and you can feel deep relaxation in body and mind, you can then try remembering the scene that I guide you into during the meditation.

Picture it in your head, breath in slowly and deeply and imagine you can smell the salty sea air and hear the sound of the birds in the sky as you feel the wind blowing against your body and the grass tickling your feet.

If you can make that visualization as real as possible, by exercising the senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch, you can use these positive mental associations to trigger your mind to re-experience the feelings of peace and calm that you felt while listening to the guided meditation.

Then just allow your whole body to melt into the feeling and follow that feeling of calm peacefulness.

Try it a few times, it works, it just takes a little practise, and you’ll soon enough be able to easily slip into a calm and relaxed state in body and mind, at will, whenever life gets busy.


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Guided Meditation for Stress | Stress Reduction Technique

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