Reiki Shares | Find Reiki Shares Near You

Find Reiki Shares in Your Area

Reiki Shares | Find Reiki Shares Near You

Reiki Shares Offer…

  • An opportunity for non-Reiki practitioners to experience Reiki
  • Hands-on experience for those wishing to practise more
  • Practitioners the chance to refine their own energy
  • A relaxed, informal occasion with like-minded people
  • Guidance, support & advice for new practitioners or those curious about Reiki
  • The means to intensify and improve the flow of your own Reiki energy
  • You the chance to meet people from a wide range of backgrounds and caring professions
  • Group treatments that are very energetic, as the Reiki comes from multiple people simultaneously

You can not discover new oceans until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

The primary purpose of having a Reiki Share is for practitioners to participate in giving and receiving Reiki within an atmosphere of friendship and love.

A Reiki Share consists of many healing hands on one person at a time. One person lays on a table while the participating practitioners gather around that person, laying their hands upon them and channeling a massive flow of Reiki energy into that person.

Group energies are often very strong and can be more penetrating than individual sessions. This type of Reiki treatment is a wonderful and often profound experience. A Reiki share can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours or could be an all day event. This depends on who is hosting the Reiki Share and how many people are present.

My own Reiki Shares will be arranged in due course. In the meantime however, there are many established Reiki Shares where you can go to experience these energies for yourself. has details of Reiki Shares throughout the UK, for practitioners and non-practitioners, and is a good place to find a Reiki Share near you.

Reiki Share Meetup

Learn More About Reiki

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