Feel Love | Be Love and Respond with Love to Lives Challenges

Feel Love | Be Love and Respond with Love to Lives Challenges

No matter what happens in your life, no matter what comes to you, what leaves you, or who you lose, be love, feel love and respond with love.

Your spiritual goal is to always feel love within your whole heart and whole being no matter where you find yourself with life, no matter what’s happening in your environment, and no matter what negative energy people try to bring into your life.

If there are warring parties, feel love and intend to channel love to both sides of that situation.

If people are suffering, feel love and intend to channel love towards those people.

If someone is struggling because they’re so consumed by their own negative energy, feel love and intend to channel love to that person.

And if someone wants to share their negative energy with you, so you can experience the same inner turmoil as they are experiencing, feel love and intend to channel love to that person too.

Every single person, no matter what spiritual practice they use to improve themselves, should be working towards feeling love within and not allowing that love to leave their heart, no matter what’s going on in their environment.


Don’t Match Other People’s Vibration

Many of us naturally empathize with others. What empathize means is to ‘understand and share the feelings of another’.

And your empathy is a necessary means of recognising what’s going on in your environment.

However, it doesn’t do anybody any good to continue to match the energy of suffering and negativity on a continual basis.

Some people may like it or take comfort in the knowledge that you are sharing their suffering and negativity with them, but that doesn’t do them, or you, any good at all.

That old saying that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ does not apply here. A persons suffering and negativity is not reduced because you choose to experience that same energy yourself.

If you want to help people with their suffering and negativity, you need to bring a more positive and loving vibration into that person and situation.

And sensitive empaths will understand this well. We should empathize with other people’s suffering and negativity only so far that we can learn to be aware of it.

But we can not accept that suffering and negativity as our own by allowing that energy to become us.


The Open Heart Prayer Leads to Self-Control

We have to have an element of self-control that is capable of empathizing with people and then changing our own vibration to a healthier positive vibration so we can improve the situation for other people.

And that’s where the ‘open heart prayer’ helps and the technique titled ‘Don’t allow the world to change your heart’.

And I really can’t overemphasize just how important these techniques are. Not only for helping others and your own health and well-being, but for your spiritual development too.

Opening your heart regularly leads you towards eventually experiencing love within your heart.

That feeling of love eventually then leads to feeling that energy expanding all around you so your entire aura becomes one of love.

And when that happens, and you practise sustaining that feeling regularly, at a certain point there’s a change within you and a significant connection is established between your heart and The Source.

Then you feel Love non-stop, every moment of your day, as your entire being becomes Love.


You Can Experience Unconditional Love

At that point, you will experience True Unconditional Love for all beings, no matter whether they are Light and loving or Dark and negative.

And you will feel moved, compelled, and driven to share that Love with others in the way that you feel compelled to.

It’s so much more than only feeling that you want to be helpful.

You feel powerful energy and a Divine presence within and around you, and a deep deep love that moves you as you allow it to guide you. And you can feel that your heart wants nothing more, and nothing in return, but to share that love with others in the way you are compelled to do so.

That, is true, pure, unconditional love. Pure unconditional love is not a mental choice you make. Pure unconditional love is an energy that is intelligent and aware that drives you to where it wants you to be.

And that unconditional Love comes not from the person, but straight from The Source.

You can reach that point yourself, you are destined to reach that point, and you will reach that point eventually. Because The Source is guiding you closer and closer toward Its Love.

You can allow your transition into unconditional love to happen quicker and with less resistance when you regularly practise opening your heart and surrendering to The Source.

The Open Heart Prayer is more than just empty words. It’s more than a meditation. And it’s more than an energy channelling technique.

It’s a tried and tested practise to awaken your awareness of God, within you, and to experience Its Unconditional Love.

And a being of Unconditional Love is what every single one of us is evolving into.


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Feel Love | Be Love and Respond with Love to Lives Challenges

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