Expressing Gratitude and Thanks | Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Expressing Gratitude and Thanks | Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Expressing gratitude and thanks is not just a nice thing to do, it’s an act of self-healing in itself. And those who have an attitude of gratitude live happier, more balanced, and peaceful lives.

If you’re already a Reiki practitioner you will know this following brain hack well, because this is one of the 5 Reiki Principles, and this one of the most important changes anyone can make in their lives.

Because adopting an attitude of gratitude into your life will help improve your Reiki, your spiritual development, and the quality of your life too.


Brain Hack Number 7 is to ‘Have an Attitude of Gratitude’

Having an attitude of gratitude and expressing gratitude is one of the most important traits you could adopt in your life.

Expressing gratitude for what the Universe has given you lays the foundation for building all these brain hacks into your life.

No matter what happens, no matter what leaves your life, and what enters it, always feel grateful for these changes, and for where you’re being guided.

Because even if you’re not aware of it, The Source is guiding you with your life. And in order to guide you, The Source needs to make changes.

The Source needs to take some things away from you and The Source needs to bring some things to you.

And by expressing gratitude for that guidance, even if you can’t see the benefit at first, the more your awareness will improve and you will understand and realize, eventually, what the positive purpose of those past changes was.


Expressing Gratitude Opens Your Heart and Energy Field to Abundance

When expressing gratitude to The Source, at any given moment, your energy opens to being better guided on your life path because your heart opens.

And when the energy of your heart opens more to Source, this open heart gratitude has many positive effects upon you. This helps you to be less focused upon negativity while remaining in a neutral state of mind.

And this neutral state of mind helps you to be present here and now, rather than focused on the past, or focused on the future.

Another one of the benefits of feeling and expressing gratitude is that you change to a productive state of being.

Gratitude helps you to shift your focus from what you don’t have, to feeling grateful for what you do have.

With this shift, your personal energy becomes one of abundance, rather than an energy that is lacking.

And this state of abundance in your energy opens you up to receive more from the Universe while helping you to flow through life with relative ease.


Expressing Gratitude and Thanks is a Practice

However, and this needs to be made clear, gratitude is not just a state of mind.

Gratitude is a practice. You need to practise gratitude, and you need to practise feeling grateful and expressing gratitude to The Source.

Because that’s where gratitude works it’s magic. When you’re expressing it to The Source. And in the moments you do not feel grateful, you are not being grateful.

It’s important to remember that you need to feel and express your gratitude to The Source if you’re going to benefit from it.

So express your gratitude. Even if it’s difficult at first. Because the act of expressing gratitude will allow you to eventually feel gratitude.

And when you feel gratitude and direct this towards The Source, that’s when you really open yourself up to receiving infinite blessings from The Source.

When you realize just how much The Source is giving to you, and how much help you are already receiving, you will feel compelled, from deep within your heart, to express your gratitude to Source regularly and often spontaneously.

The reason so many of us do not feel or express gratitude is that we are not aware of what is already flowing to us from The Source.

If you realized that you would be expressing gratitude frequently.

The Source is already sending you everything you need. So feeling grateful doesn’t change what The Source is sending you.

Feeling grateful allows you to be more open and accepting, so you can receive all the blessings you’re being sent.


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Expressing Gratitude and Thanks | Have an Attitude of Gratitude

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