Do We Have Free Will | Fate and Free Will Explained

Do We Have Free Will? | Fate and Free Will Explained

Hi there, I’m Ricky, and in this video I’m going to provide an answer to the question of fate and free will that’s been asked and debated for thousands of years.

And that question is, do we have free will?

Now before I get into this deeper, I want you to be aware of what angle I’m answering this question from.

I’m not going to be talking about free will from a scientific or philosophical perspective. And I’m not going to discuss theory or blind belief.

I’m going to share with you my own journey into understanding what Free Will is, and I’m going to explain Free Will from a deeper spiritual perspective.

This is going to be quite a deep spiritual explanation for what Free Will is which is based upon my own direct experience, and confirmed by many of the worlds Yogi’s, which I’ll explain in just a moment.


My Journey into Understanding Free Will

My journey into understanding Free Will started with my late Grandfather Arthur Miller, who was a very very powerful psychic.

In fact he was the most powerful psychic I have ever heard of existing. He could channel his awareness into the past and see everything that happened in a particular event.

And of course he could do this with the future also. He could tune into a future event and tell you who you were going to meet, what they’re name was, where they came from, how your relationship would develop, how your relationship will end, everything!

There were no fine little details that would escape his awareness.

I’ve met lots of psychics in my life and I’ve worked with a few, but I’ve never met a psychic quite like him.

This information that my Grandfather used to share with me and my family about the future, naturally had me asking myself some pretty deep questions.

At first my thinking was, “okay, if my Grandfather can tell us exact detailed things that are going to happen in the future, then that must mean that our future is predefined”

The future must already have happened, on some level, for a human person to be aware of it before it happens.

So naturally, my first thought regarding Free Will was that we don’t have Free Will. There is no such thing as Free Will.

How can there be if the future is already decided?

That to me, as a young teenager, seemed quite a logical and common sense approach to my life experiences at that point.

But of course, the answer was not quite that simple. And being spiritually immature as I was back then, there were a lot of things I had not yet experienced.


The Free Will Paradox Begins

The next development I had regarding Free Will was the one that started to confuse me.

My Grandfathers Daughter, my Mother, is also a psychic, and she would often give me a general, yet very accurate account, of my future using the tarot cards.

And I remember that at many points, during many readings spanning many years, that my mother repeatedly said some key things to me in those readings. All of which came true in time.

With some of the information, she told me that something was going to happen in the future and it was unavoidable.

So I did not have the free will to avoid these things.

However she also told me on many occasions that with some things, I had a choice. There were many junctions in my life where I could choose my fate.

I could choose what direction I wanted to travel in. Essentially, I had the free will to choose whether to do a certain thing, or not to do it.

And this is something I experienced myself many times, that with some things in life, I did seem to have a choice.

So my thinking about Free Will changed, from believing I had no Free Will, to believing that I did.

Which didn’t make sense to me. So, common sense and reasoning kicked in again and It made sense to me that only some things are predefined, and with other things I can choose.

And this is where the paradox started for me as a young teenager. I thought, hang on, if the future is predefined, how can I have any free will at all.

Surely my free will is just an illusion of choice, despite the choices my mother informed me about.

It would take over 20 years of my life with continued personal development and deep spiritual practise and experience, before the answer eventually became clear to me.


To Get the Right Answer Ask the Right Question

It became apparent to me that in order to understand something one must ask the right questions.

And at this point my perception regarding free will changed, because I changed the question I was asking about it.

I no longer asked the question, do we have free will?

Now I asked, when do we have free will, and when do we not have free will?

And when you ask that question, naturally, you begin to awaken to different answers than you would otherwise.

Now this is where my explanation of free will gets deep. Because the Source of these different answers is a spiritual one.


So Do We Have Free Will Or Not?

So to answer the original question, do we have free will, the answer is both yes, and no.

Allow me to explain that deeper.

In advanced spiritual practices such as Yoga, a key, fundamental practice to expand consciousness is surrender.

And this is something Yogi’s, monks, Devotees of God and spiritualists will understand well.

In practices such as these, we achieve an expansion of awareness and consciousness, by choosing to surrender our Free Will, to the Will of God.

Now already, you might be starting to understand this free will question in a new Light.

If we can say that free will exists, yet in certain circumstances free will does not exist, then there must be two different wills at play.

And there is! There is your human free will, and there is the Will of God, The Source.

And from here the explanation only gets deeper.


Fate and Free Will Explained

As the famous 13th century Persian Mystic known as Rumi, once said,

“I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself, and found only God.”

You, and God, are both One.

You are both part of the same Consciousness.

And to understand Free Will, you have to understand Consciousness, to a certain degree.

Whether you perceive that you do have free will, or you don’t have it, depends upon from what perspective you are looking it.

You have what appears to be two Consciousnesses.

Of course, this is only an illusion, and there is only one Consciousness that we are all a part of.

But until you awaken your awareness to your Higher Consciousness, you are only able to view life from your lower human consciousness.

And this is why scientists and philosophers have been debating this question for thousands of years without answering it.

It’s because they have only been aware of free will from one perspective of Consciousness.

Which is their lower human consciousness.

If your awareness is awakened to this higher Consciousness that everybody has, the answer to the question, do we have free will, becomes known.


The Connection Between Free Will & Consciousness

Let’s go back to my Grandfather for a moment, or any other gifted psychic.

For a human person to know exactly what will happen in the future, a part of their conscious awareness must be able to exist beyond time.

There must be a part of that person that can transcend time and look down upon it in a manner of speaking.

What this other part of a person is is a Higher state of Consciousness.

This is a state of Consciousness that is not bound by physical matter, space and time.

This is exactly what God is. An intelligent, infinite energy that exists beyond time and space.

And this intelligent energy, this Consciousness, is what we truly are. Many of us are just not aware of it yet.

So free will does not exist from the perspective of your Higher Consciousness. Because that aspect of you is not bound by time.

It exists outside of the boundaries of time. And everything in time has already happened for It, and is already accessible by It.

Past, present and future and all accessible for this Higher Consciousness that many refer to as God, and which is the Consciousness that You are a part of.

From the perspective of lower human Consciousness, you do have free will.

You have the free will to make your own decisions.

You have the free will to choose your path in life.

And you have the free will needed to choose whether or not to surrender your free will to the guiding direction of God, your Higher Consciousness.

In this way, when you look at free will from the perspective of both sides of your Consciousness, it both exists, and does not exist, depending upon your perspective.


Free Will Exists When Consciousness Is Bound Within Time

So Free Will only exists when consciousness is bound within time.

When your Consciousness expands and you access your higher Consciousness, you are no longer bound by time.

You have transcended time.

And when Consciousness is no longer bound by time, Free Will no longer exists.

If you look to the Yogi’s of the world, past and present, and you look to the spiritual teachings in religious and spiritual texts, such as The Bible, The Upanishads, and The Baghavad Gita, to name only a few, every one agrees that free will does exist.

But it only exists within the appropriate conditions.

And only you, yourself, through your own spiritual training and inner study, can prove the validity of this to yourself.

You can only answer this question for yourself if your Consciousness is awakened to both perspectives.

So, do we have free will. Yes, we do.

The important question now is, what are you going to do with it!


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