Distant Attunements | The Pros and Cons of Distance Reiki Attunements

Distant Attunements | The Pros and Cons of Distance Reiki Attunements

Distant Attunements | The Pros and Cons of Distance Reiki Attunements

Did you know you can receive a Reiki distant attunement from a Reiki master, anywhere in the world, and have it sent to you in real time?

No matter where you are!

Distance Reiki Attunements give you the ability to channel Reiki for yourself once you’ve received that attunement. And it’s quite a fascinating experience when you experience this working. Some people claim Distance Reiki Attunements should be avoided. And there are others who say they work just the same as in-person attunements.

However like most things in life, this is not so black and white. While distant attunements can be just as effective as ‘in-person’ attunements, there are however pros and cons for both and some conditions you should be aware of.

So, let’s get straight to it and look at those conditions and the pros and cons of in-person attunements and Reiki distant attunements.


The Pros to Receiving an In-Person Reiki Attunement

An in-person Reiki attunement involves receiving an attunement hands-ons, with your Reiki teacher in your physical presence. While there are significantly more people throughout the world who have received distance attunements, there are a number of benefits and drawbacks to receiving ‘in-person’ attunements.

Some of the benefits to receiving in-person attunements include:

  • Having your Reiki teacher in your physical presence to teach you, guide you and to ask questions to in real time.
  • You will likely be part of a class with other students. This allows you an opportunity to socialize with other students.
  • You will also have an opportunity to practise techniques and practices with those other students once you have been attuned.


The Cons to Receiving an In-Person Attunement

Some of the downsides to receiving an in-person attunement include:

  • You must learn all the techniques and practices within the allocated time of your class. Which often cram lots of basic information into only a one or two day class.
  • In-person attunements can be very expensive. And these can cost several hundreds pounds or dollars for each level.
  • You may have to travel a significant distance to find a reputable, skilled and capable Reiki teacher.
  • Your Reiki teacher may not offer after course support and will not be available to answer your questions.


The Pros to Receiving Distance Reiki Attunements

Some of the benefits to receiving distance Reiki attunements include:

  • Provided you have access to good course material, you can learn slowly and at your own pace.
  • Distance attunements are significantly cheaper than in-person attunements and can cost anywhere from £10 to £100.
  • You do not have to travel long distances to find a reputable, skilled and capable Reiki teacher.
  • You can receive your Distance Reiki Attunement in 15 minutes in the comfort of your own home.


The Cons to Receiving Distance Reiki Attunements

Some of the downsides to receiving Distance Reiki Attunements include:

  • You must find a reputable teacher. Check online reviews to ensure your Reiki teacher can give you a good distance attunement.
  • You don’t have the same opportunity to socialize and practise with other students in a live class.
  • Some Reiki organizations, such as Reikifed.co.uk, only promote Reiki Teachers who have been attuned in-person.
  • Depending upon your Reiki teacher, you may receive a weaker attunement. (See FAQ below for a deeper explanation about this)


Distant Attunements | The Pros and Cons of Distance Reiki Attunements 2


The Most Commonly Asked Question About Distance Reiki Attunements

1. There are some people who say distant attunements are not as strong as in-person attunements, therefore you should only get in-person attunements if you want to receive a stronger attunement. Is this true?

No, this is not completely true. Allow me to explain.

If your teacher is relatively inexperienced, and they have not opened their energy field to The Source to a significant degree, then they will not be able to send energy over distances strongly.

Whether an attunement is powerful or not has less to do with whether that attunement is given in-person or at a distance. Whether a distant attunement is powerful or not depends more upon how experienced and capable your Reiki teacher is and to what degree they have been opened energetically.

When a Reiki teacher is not very experienced and they have not opened their energy field, chakras and kundalini to The Source as far as possible, then the distant attunements they perform will be relatively weaker.

If your Reiki teacher has opened their energy field, chakras and kundalini as far as possible to The Source, then the energy they can transmit is just as effective over long distances than it is for in-person attunements.

An advanced Reiki Master has unlimited potential

You should also be aware that advanced Reiki Masters, who have opened all seven chakras, activated their kundalini, and activated their 8th and 9th Divine chakras, are capable of transmitting energy and attunements to an unlimited number of people, at a distance, with 100% strength.

This means that an unlimited number of students can be attuned from a distance at the same time, without the energy being diluted in any way due to the extra students. For example, 100 distant students being attuned at the same time, would each receive 100% of the energy. Not 1% of the energy.

So the most important thing is to what degree your Reiki teacher has been trained and opened energetically and not whether your attunement is given in-person or at a distance. Although that is certainly also a factor when it comes to less experienced and less capable Reiki teachers.

2. Are Non-specific, pre-filmed or pre-performed attunements effective?

There are some Reiki Masters who perform one attunement and intend that this attunement be sent to the student when they are ready for it. Students then sit in meditation and ask for it at a convenient time.

These sorts of attunements do work. However as I mentioned previously, the most important factor is the experience and capability of your Reiki teacher and how open they are energetically.

3. Are group attunements effective?

Group attunements are certainly still effective. This is where a Reiki master will perform an attunement for a group of students so they all receive that attunement at the same time.

For the same reasons as I mentioned in question 1, how effective this is depends upon the capability of your Reiki teacher.

These are the three most common questions asked about distant attunements. And the main point for all of these questions, is that it is the ability of your Reiki teacher that makes a good distant attunement. It is not how that attunement is performed.


How My Online Reiki Courses Solve Most of These Problems

I hope this article has been useful for you. I’ve given you an honest account of the pros and cons for both types of attunements. Without simply saying one is better than the other. Both attunement types are different. Which one you prefer depends upon your preferences and requirements.

For the online Reiki attunement and training I offer, I strive to address as many of the downsides to distant attunements as possible to improve your training experience. Here are those solutions:

  • I perform live distant attunements for students, three days a week, at 12 different times on each of those three days. I do it this way simply because I enjoy feeling the energy and connection.
  • You will always have access to your video courses because they are saved online. That means you have lifetime access to all my online Reiki videos, no matter what happens to me.
  • You have lifetime support, guidance and training from me.
  • I do not have time limits for advice. You can ask me questions by email, through each video lecture, through private messaging. Or through our private Facebook group page or messenger.
  • You will be able to socialize with other students through our facebook group page.
  • I am also planning on shortly setting up in-person meetup groups where students can meet each other in-person to practise techniques upon each other.

But that’s not all the benefits to receiving a distant attunement from me

  • With my online Reiki courses, you have access to over 17 hours of HD video tutorials. Which offers you significantly more training material than you would expect to find in a one or two day Reiki class.
  • You can of course learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.
  • Your distant attunement is assured to be strong and effective.
  • The cost of training in my online Reiki course, Reiki Solas, is not as expensive as in-person attunements. This is because training is provided by video which saves me time.



So when you think about it and you weigh up all the pros and cons, there are far more benefits to receiving distant attunements with my online training course, than there is receiving in-person training from elsewhere.

Even with so many benefits, there will still be some people who prefer to work with their Reiki teacher in-person to suit their preferences.

I hope this article has helped you to decide if distant attunements are for you or not. Just remember the most important thing, whether you decide on in-person or distant attunements, is your teacher.

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