Darkness and Light | Light and Darkness are Aspects of One Source

Darkness and Light | Light and Darkness are Aspects of One Source

Light and darkness and the darkness we face in our lives is often misunderstood.

Similar to how our mind wants to seek pleasure while avoiding suffering, we naturally want to seek light while avoiding the darkness. However both darkness and Light are vital for our spiritual growth.

It is through our transition from darkness into light that we learn important things about ourselves and life in general.

Without being able to make that transition from darkness to light there are so many important things we would not have an opportunity to learn and become aware of.


All Darkness and Light is from the One Source

Everything around you is The Source. It’s all The Source, everything is The Source. Including what we humans may label as darkness. It’s all The Source.

There is no independent power of darkness within The Source that opposes The Source. Because The Source controls everything within It.

There is only The Source. There is only the Light. Everything is of The Source.

If we contemplate this deeply a significant shift takes place within our minds when we realize that there is a positive purpose for the darkness in our lives.

Darkness and Light are not two opposing forces that fight against each other. Everything is part of the Light and Light and darkness are part of One Source.

The purpose of darkness is to help guide us. Every dark experience that caused us pain, suffering, misery, sadness, or whatever else, was given to us to help guide us.

Darkness is a facility to help guide us into the Light.

All the difficult and challenging events we experience in our lives are there to help guide us into the Light.

Darkness and suffering helps us recognize when we have strayed from the path of Light, so we can correct ourselves and re-align with the Light again.

All darkness is helping to guide us towards the Light.


Light and Darkness are Equally Important for Spiritual Growth

Don’t define darkness as something bad. Because once you define it as something bad, naturally, you will want to avoid it.

As long as you define something as bad and you seek to avoid it, you become less aware of how it’s trying to guide you.

We all start in darkness. And we have all transitioned through our own unique dark days and into the Light, and many of us are still doing so.

And that process continues throughout life until we are in the Light fully and completely. At which point, darkness has no more role to play in our life, as the Light within us awakens fully.

So look back over your life. Look at all your dark days. Look at your challenging experiences.

And analyze what those days have taught you and how they have helped you to become a more refined person.

Because there are important messages and lessons in every one of your experiences. And your most difficult and challenging experiences hold the most important lessons for you.

So look to your past, look to the dark people, look to those who brought negativity and suffering into your life, forgive them sincerely, and smile with Love for them.

Because all of these people were placed onto your life path to help guide you into the Light.

When you sincerely forgive others from your heart that creates a space that can be filled with Love.

Realize this, forgive others, for everything, and that forgiveness will allow your heart to be loved completely.


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Darkness and Light | Light and Darkness are Aspects of One Source

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