Coping with Change | How to Deal with Change & Enjoy Change

Coping with Change | How to Deal with Change & Enjoy Change

Coping with change and learning how to deal with change so you can enjoy change is a necessary part of life. Everything changes and nothing stays as it is.

So far in these brain hacks you’ve learned:

  • the importance of changing your perception
  • being non-attached to anything in life
  • and learning how to flow with what changes in your life
  • while letting go of what’s no longer meant for you.

Now I’m going to share with you a simple way to do all of these things easier and show you how to deal with change with the following brain hack.


Brain Hack Number 5 is to ‘Learn to Enjoy Change’

From the moment of your birth to your eventual passing, one thing guaranteed in life is change.

Change is the one unchangeable constant in all our lives. However many people dislike change and some people actively resist change by clinging onto what they want, while wanting things to stay the way they are.

Many people have a need to hold onto what they have and they want to remain where they are and change nothing. This is a natural desire.

We, humans, prefer the security and familiarity of knowing what we have when we wake up in the morning, rather than taking a chance with an unknown.

Despite this, we cannot avoid change and everything will change, whether we like it or not, because that is the nature of the world we live in.

We live in a world of change and everything is in a state of constant change.

So rather than fear change, dislike it, or otherwise resist it, if you can train yourself to enjoy change you will notice quite a profound change in how you live your life and how much easier life becomes.

Learning to enjoy change naturally flows on from all the previous brain hacks I mentioned.

If you can live your life:

  • without being attached to expectation
  • not resisting, forcing or controlling everything in life
  • and gracefully letting go of that which no longer serves you

you will flow effortlessly through life as your life changes from one moment to the next, with minimal suffering.


Coping with Change Requires that You Let Go of the Fear of Change

It’s your own fear of change, and your resistance to change, that creates the attachment that results in suffering when things do change.

If things are guaranteed to change in your life, and everything you have is guaranteed to leave your life, why guarantee yourself the suffering by attaching to any of it?

And you can train yourself to be non-attached to any of it and to be open and receptive to change by learning to enjoy change.

Learning to enjoy change makes your changing life feel like an adventure. Because you’re being brought something new which is going to move you in a new direction which is going to be beneficial for your life and your spiritual growth.

If you insist on dragging your anchor, as your ship is trying to change its course, it’s not going to be a smooth ride for you.

When you learn to enjoy change, and you feel a sense of enjoyment not knowing what’s coming into your life and who’s going to enter your life next, change becomes an adventure and a joy.

If you can truly enjoy change you will free yourself from the fear, anxiety, and apprehensiveness of where life is taking you, you will be non-attached to what’s in your life, and you will learn to flow with what changes in your life while being more willing to let go of what is trying to leave your life.

All while feeling more love during that process.


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Coping with Change | How to Deal with Change | Enjoy Change

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