Chronic Disease | How Disease Can Be A Blessing in Disguise

Chronic Disease | How Disease Can Be A Blessing in Disguise

It’s a bold statement to say that chronic disease can be a blessing in disguise. If we consider the changes having a chronic disease forces us to make, we can begin to see how these situations guide us to improve ourselves.

Many people suffer from chronic diseases and understandably, this can result in people expressing negative states of being as a reaction to that, such as fear, anxiety, sadness and depression, despair, and negative thinking in general.

And as I spoke of in the previous video in this Unit, those negative states of being do have a counter-productive effect upon your health and well-being.

Your thoughts and energy expressions can either reinforce and amplify disease, or they set the stage for a deeper more effective healing to take place.


So How is it Chronic Disease can be a Blessing in Disguise?

One thing most people don’t give much thought to is their good health. When your health is good, and you have no diseases, you tend to enjoy your good health without truly appreciating it’s value.

When health appears to be good, people tend to be less concerned with living a healthy lifestyle, because there’s no problem that needs addressing.

When you have a disease, however, that changes your behaviour by guiding you to pay closer attention to your body and the choices you make.

And when you pay closer attention to how your choices affect your body, all parts of your body benefits and your overall health improves.

So chronic disease can be a blessing in disguise by helping to guide you to take a deeper look at your life, your body, your overall health, and the choices you make.

With many diseases, for example, your body can become extra sensitive, less resilient, and more vulnerable, which guides you to pay closer attention to how your lifestyle choices impact your condition.

This helps you to be more aware of your body and the choices you make so you can identify what makes your disease worse.

That can guide you to pay closer attention to the purity of the water you’re drinking, the chemicals and toxins you’re exposed to in your environment, the unhealthy foods you may consume, your emotional health, your stress levels, your thought processes and beliefs, the exercise you’re getting, your daily habits and routines, and everything else.

Having a chronic disease does guide you to take a deeper look at yourself and your life so you can avoid the things that trigger your disease to flare up.

And that process of avoiding lifestyle choices that trigger these flare-ups not only improves that specific condition, but it also helps you improve other areas of your health too, by helping you become aware of how your thoughts, habits, attitudes, and beliefs, all affect your overall health and well-being.


Having a Chronic Disease Helps You Become Aware of Your Mind/Body Connection

Chronic disease improves your awareness of the connection between your mind, body, and health, so you can reach a deeper understanding as to how creating change in one area of your being, ripples down and affects all other areas too.

So learn to work with your body and become aware of how every aspect of your being affects your overall health.

Being a Reiki practitioner, for example, is not all about channelling energy to cure your disease.

Reiki is more about becoming aware of how your complete system of healing works, and how every choice you make impacts your ability to heal. And when you’re better aware of that you can heal much more effectively.

And your mind is one of the most important aspects when it comes to healing. I said this in the previous video and I’ll say it again because it’s so important to remember this.

Most people have no idea just how powerful their mind is. It’s been proven time and time again, in many ways and with a variety of experiments, that your mind can interact with physical matter and change it.

You can alter physical reality using the power of your mind.

Take a moment to really think about that, contemplate deeply what that actually means, and take a moment to be aware of what your mind is capable of.

When it comes to your health and healing, the connection between your mind and your healing system is a vital connection you need to be aware of.


Always Be Optimistic Regarding Your Health

Always be optimistic when it comes to your health, no matter what health condition you have. Because your mind/body connection is a powerful one and you can literally think yourself ill or think yourself into better health.

No matter what condition or disease you may have you can make positive changes to your life, diet, your habits, exercise routines, your thought processes, beliefs, your emotional health, and your mental management, and you can create improvements within your body.

But of course, if you don’t believe improvement is possible, you only reinforce that self-limiting belief with negative energy thought forms that don’t cooperate with your body’s ability to heal.

So remember that chronic disease can be a blessing in disguise because it guides you to learn to be more aware, and to take better care of your body, by making choices that support your healing system and improve your overall health.

And that attention you give to your body can help you to live a healthier, happier, and more productive life, no matter what disease may be present.

And if you do currently have good health appreciate that good health and live a lifestyle that supports your body and healing system.

Because one way or another, the Universe will bring into your life what you need to make sure you do look after your body.


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Chronic Disease | How Disease Can Be A Blessing in Disguise

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