Can Reiki Be Harmful or Can Reiki Be Dangerous?

Can Reiki Be Harmful?


Can Reiki Be Harmful, or Can Reiki Be Dangerous, what's the truth of the matter?

Reiki is a form of energy channelling that’s used for self-healing, healing others and spiritual development. However people often ask, can Reiki be harmful and can Reiki be dangerous in any way?

The short answer is no, Reiki is not harmful. However, in some instances, some people may perceive Reiki to be harmful.

Some people can have what they perceive to be a negative experience of Reiki. And the keyword here is perceive.

When the purpose of Reiki is not completely understood and one doesn’t know about energy healing and how it works, Reiki can be seen to be a bad experience for some. When a deeper understanding of Reiki is realized, however, and we understand energy, how it works and how it heals, we can see why some people have a negative perception of Reiki.

So why do some people have a negative perception of Reiki?


What do some people experience that leads them to believe Reiki can cause harm?

When a person receives a Reiki attunement or a healing session they will undergo a deep healing and personal transformation.

Reiki heals the body and mind by releasing deeply buried negative energy from within the heart, body and mind. As a byproduct of healing, Reiki allows this trapped negative energy to rise to the surface and release. This is a normal, natural, and necessary part of the energy healing process.

To heal, negative energy must be released from the body. It’s this release of negative energy that some people perceive as being harmful.

When this negative energy releases a student can experience several possible temporary side effects. This is what’s known as the Reiki Healing Crisis or the Reiki cleansing process.

While everyone experiences this negative energy release slightly differently, you may experience:

  • Rare but mild flu-like symptoms.
  • An emotional awareness of the negative energy being released.
  • You could experience temporary anger, sadness, loneliness, or feelings of loss.
  • It’s possible to experience temporary restlessness or insomnia.
  • Mild abdominal discomfort.
  • Increased tiredness and temporary fatigue.
  • One can also experience hot or cold flushes.

There are a few additional experiences one may experience, both positive and negative, which you can read about on The Reiki Healing Crisis explained.

People generally feel a sense of deep peace, relaxation and love when they experience a Reiki attunement or healing session. What’s important to realize however is that whatever you do at first experience with Reiki, it is all for a positive reason.


Why is your perception of the Reiki healing process important?

Naturally, when some people experience what they perceive to be a negative effect after their Reiki experience, they equate that with a negative experience. However, healing involves releasing these negative energies and this can often be confused for being a negative experience.

What you will soon realize, however, is that after you have released this negative energy, you’ll be feeling lighter, happier, more at peace and better balanced after the experience.

If you look at these temporary releases of negative energy as a bad thing, your experience will be a negative one. At least at first until the symptoms clear. If you realize that this is a normal and natural part of the healing process however, then you won’t get caught up in the false perception of believing Reiki is harmful.


How can Reiki be harmful and how can this be avoided?

Can Reiki cause harm in some way that people may be getting confused about?

To understand that question we must explore the mind. Your mind is a powerful instrument which can either work for you or against you. If you give focus and energy to negativity, you will reinforce that negative state of mind with your negative energy.

Reiki itself only heals and is a positive experience with a helpful purpose. One of the key aspects of being attuned to Reiki is that your chakras are opened.

These are the energy centres located throughout your body which, when opened and activated, allow you to channel energy for healing and manifestation.

While Reiki will do no harm and only has positive effects, it’s important to realize that self-empowerment is a byproduct of learning Reiki.

Reiki will amplify the amount of energy you can transmit and channel. So if you express negative states of being, your opened chakras will reinforce and amplify those negative states. This is why self-control over ones thoughts, intentions, and feelings, are key foundations of what it means to become a Reiki Master.

What you believe and give energy to, you create as your reality.

So the key to ensuring you have a wonderful experience with Reiki is keeping your mind in either a positive or neutral state and not reinforcing negative states of mind and being. Because anyone who expresses negativity, whether they perform Reiki or not, is not going to create positive experiences for themselves.


Relax and go with the flow and Reiki will automatically help you to be more positive.

Reiki will naturally help you to clear away the negative energy blockages from within you. This is how it heals. Once you have removed these blockages you’ll be feeling happier, calmer and more at peace in your life.

When these negative energies are removed and healed, you are removing many of the causes of your unpleasant negative experiences in life.

It’s this trapped negative energy within you that causes much of the suffering and distress you experience in life. So when these blocks are removed, you will naturally, in a short time, begin to feel more balanced. This leads to feeling mentally balanced, emotionally harmonious, and in a positive and peaceful frame of mind.


What makes the Reiki Principles an important part of the Reiki practice?

The energy of Reiki will heal and guide you naturally. And it will help you to express your positive states more while reducing your tendency to express negative states.

One key and important part of the Reiki practice is known as The 5 Reiki Principles. These 5 Reiki Principles are hundreds of years old and are used by Monks, Yogi’s and Reiki practitioners to help create a balanced and harmonious mind.

When these Reiki Principles are recited daily in meditative prayer, which the energy of Reiki will amplify and reinforce, your negative states of mind and being will continue to reduce in frequency and intensity.

At the core of the Reiki Principles is the means to create stillness and peace within your heart and mind. And a heart and mind still and at peace will naturally be less inclined to express negative states of being.

These principles focus on reducing…

  • Anger
  • Worry
  • Despair
  • Excessive desire
  • And selfishness

While enhancing feelings of…

  • Gratitude
  • Happiness
  • Peace
  • Inner calm
  • Positive purpose
  • Self-belief
  • Kindness and Compassion

An important part of Reiki training is mind programming. And this is what the Reiki Principles help you to achieve. They allow you to create a calm, balanced and healthy mind so you do not give energy to reinforcing your negative states of mind.


In any way can Reiki be used to harm someone or cause someone to come to harm?

No, Reiki cannot be used to harm someone.

The energy of Reiki is of the Light, the Divine, and comes from the Creative Source in the Universe. That power has many names, such as Source, Consciousness, or God, and Source is the All-Loving, All-Caring, and All-Giving.

Reiki is not a means of performing magic. So unlike magic, Reiki does not work with entities. Reiki connects only with the pure Love and healing power that comes directly from God, The Source. As such, Source Love does not cause harm to anyone, under any circumstances.

The Source Loves every being unconditionally.


The short answer, absolutely not!

If you were one of those who questioned, is Reiki harmful, I hope this article has put your mind at ease.

The energy of Reiki itself cannot be harmful and Reiki is not dangerous in any way. However, if you don’t understand the nature of healing, you focus on negativity, and you don’t realize the power of your mind and the role you play in your own healing, then you’re experience can be a negative one due to your inaccurate perception of how healing works.

One additional thing you should be aware of is the unique circumstances involved when giving Reiki to people with significant past trauma. Have a read of the article at that previous link for a detailed account for what you should be aware of when giving Reiki to those with emotional or mental trauma.

The guiding energy of Reiki is intelligent. It will help you to become more self-aware and help you control yourself.

With time and regular practise, even if you experienced some mild and temporary negative energy releases, you will come to realize the positive benefit behind these releases.

However, feelings of love, peace, calmness, and having a deeper sense of purpose in the world will follow closely behind.

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