Being an Empath | How to Deal with Being An Empath

Being An Empath | How to Deal with Being an Empath


Being an empath can be a blessing or a curse. Could you be an empath?

Being an empath in today's masculine dominated world can be challenging and learning how to deal with being an empath can be difficult when you don't know where to turn. There are many traits commonly shared by empaths. If you can relate to many of them, you may be an empath yourself. Does any of the following sound like you?

  • You have difficulty differentiating your own emotions from the emotions of others.
  • You are more susceptible to feeling negative energy than the average human being.
  • You can pick up the emotions, and sometimes thoughts, experienced by other people.
  • You're often accused of being too sensitive or emotional.
  • You find being among large groups of people uncomfortable and over-stimulating.
  • You have an acute sense of awareness to yourself and your surroundings.
  • You can feel the pain and suffering of others deeply.
  • You may have grown up thinking you had an emotional disorder.
  • Other peoples negativity overwhelms you.
  • Your intuition is sensitive and accurate.
  • You can easily feel when people are lying.
  • You are sensitive to caffeine, sugar and stimulants.
  • Narcissists appear to be naturally attracted to you.
  • People often come to you for emotional support.
  • You often feel drained of energy when around negative people.
  • You're very sensitive to sound and external stimuli.
  • You work better 1-to-1 rather than in big groups.
  • You find egotistical and selfish people unpleasant to be around.
  • You have a powerful way of creating feelings in others using words.
  • You tend to be mostly introverted.
  • You feel a powerful connection with nature.
  • You are kind, generous and compassionate to others and animals.
  • You are a seeker of truth and lies make you feel unpleasant.
  • You may be prone to swings in moods when around other people.
  • You often feel isolated from others, yet are comfortable in your own company.
  • You are easily hurt or upset by insults or rude remarks.
  • You try to avoid conflicts and confrontations.
  • You cannot easily release negative emotions and feelings.
  • You are deeply aware of the beauty in life, such as art, music, nature, etc.
  • You often feel alienated from others.

If you can relate to many of these empaths traits then there's a good chance you could be an empath.

The ability to feel everything so very deeply can be both a blessing and a curse.

It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply. Being an empath can be a very difficult challenge in life. Not only does one need to understand their thoughts and emotions, but an empath must learn to differentiate between their thoughts and emotions and those emanating from others.

This involves reaching a heightened level of awareness and understanding of the energy world we all live in. In this article, I’ll share with you everything you need to know to deal with being an empath.


What does the life of an empath look like?

So being an empath is a bad thing, right?

Well, it can be, at least until you learn how to deal with being an empath. And when you do learn how to use this gift that’s when being an empath begins to be fun.

When we speak of empathy, we are talking about a person who can understand and share the feelings of another. However, this is not the same as being an empath. Being an empath is something quite different.

An empath is a highly sensitive individual. And an individual who can naturally perceive the mental or emotional state of another human being.

For example, if an empath was near someone who felt angry or sad then, being an empath, they would naturally absorb this energy and feel angry or sad themselves. And it’s not only when around people that the empath can pick up these energies.

Being an empath means you are highly sensitive to all energies, whether coming from a person, object or area.

For example, if someone were to argue in a room, a sensitive empath would be able to feel the energy created by the people arguing, long after they had left the room.


Empaths who are not trained to use their skill will experience many potential problems.

There are two types of an empath. Aware empaths and unaware empaths. For the unaware empath, life can be especially difficult until they come to understand their abilities.

If you are an empath and are not aware of your abilities, you will continue to go through life absorbing the energies of all those around you while being affected by the energy other people are carrying.

This can be especially difficult in personal relationships. Empaths that do not take control of the energy exchange going through them can become drained of energy. This can have serious long term health implications.

Mental health issues are commonly experienced by the unaware empath. And indeed, many empaths start their teenage years thinking they have mental issues.

This is because they unknowingly pick up other peoples thoughts and emotions and become confused as to why they are experiencing such things. So it’s not uncommon for the unaware empath to think they are crazy. Because they can’t tell the difference between their thoughts and emotions and those they are absorbing from others.

Empaths that do not yet fully understand how to use their skill can find it very uncomfortable to be around large groups of people.


This is a common experience for empaths who cannot protect their energy.

It’s not uncommon for empaths to feel drained, confused, nervous, sad or stressed when around large numbers of people. This can eventually lead to developing conditions such as depression, social anxiety disorders, chronic stress. Including a range of other debilitating mental and physical illnesses and conditions.

It’s not uncommon for empaths to retreat into their shell and shy away from people. Because they don’t feel as though they are part of the group and feel they do not belong with the rest of our human family.
The majority of human beings are empathic to a degree. In that, they can sympathize and feel the pain of others in moments of extreme sadness or trauma. However, for an empath, these highly sensitive individuals will experience other peoples sadness in a far more magnified way.

Such as feeling the emotions of others 20 or 30 times stronger than that of the ordinary person. So an empath is far more sensitive and empathic than the average empathic person.

As you can imagine, being an empath and not being aware of it can be devastating to personal relationships. And also to working life and personal growth and development.

Because of this, empaths must learn how to deal with being an empath and come to an awareness of their skills as soon as possible. Then learn how to use them to avoid any unfortunate side-effects.


Male empaths have an especially difficult time adjusting to their ability.

Of course, empaths can be either male or female however in today's world, being a male empath can be especially challenging, more so than being a female empath.

Even once a male empath becomes aware of his skill and starts to use it constructively, society has conditioned us to see man as the strong hunter-gather type, with little place for emotion, sensitivity and empathy.

Empath character traits are more commonly associated with our female counterparts and man is not expected to be in touch with his feminine side.

It is important to know that emotions are not a sign of femininity or weakness. Emotions are simply vibrational indicators that we use to understand people, our environment and ourselves.

Because of this mindless and harmful viewpoint that society conditions us with, it’s all too common for male empaths to block the energies flowing through them. And they do this to continue to appear macho in the eyes of his peers.

Not only does this throw a male empath off balance, but it contributes to a range of negative health effects also.

In general, we will never find what we truly need in the outside world. We will only find it within our hearts and minds. The empath that lives to constantly serve others without giving themselves any care and attention will invariably suffer for his misguided kindness.


Being an empath comes with many benefits.

Energy Healers – An empath that has learned to use their skill productively is a potentially very powerful individual. Empaths make gifted energy healers because they can feel the energies they are working with. I would personally recommend that every person (but especially empaths) learns Reiki and how to channel energy for healing purposes. It will drastically change your life for the better in ways that are magical beyond all belief.

Caring Professions – Empaths generally get on well working with people. Because they can instantly connect with others on a deep emotional level. Empaths also do well in caring professions, such as nursing, caring, and therapy work. Because they have an attuned ability to resonate with people on a far deeper level than your average person.

Heightened Awareness – Empaths feel the energies that can not be seen by the naked eye. As a result, empaths have the natural ability to become aware of more subtler layers of reality. Everything in the Universe is energy. And the sensitive and aware empath can tune in and feel these energies.

Good Motivators – Empaths that have good literacy skills can become very successful in business. This is because an empath understands the power of words. Empaths can motivate people and get the best out of any given situation because they understand how people feel.

Good Writers and Actors – Empaths also make good writers. For much the same reason as before. Empaths can use their literacy skills to incite strong emotional responses in their readers' minds. Empaths can also become successful actors and actresses. Because they can become the character they are portraying on a deep emotional level.


Here are some useful tips for learning how to deal with being an empath.

Develop your energy shield

We all have a layer of our energy that acts as a skin between the physical body and the outside world. When it comes to empaths, this layer of skin is very thin and often has holes in it. Which means that the surrounding environment and other people’s energies can penetrate it far easier than normal. By practising a simple visualization exercise, empaths can strengthen this layer. And in doing so, they are far less likely to absorb any toxic energies from their outside environment.

Your bodies energy field changes in colour depending upon the state of your physical body and mind. When creating a protective energy layer, use the colour purple, as this is the colour for psychic protection. Then imagine the whole body being cocooned in this thick purple layer that surrounds the whole body like a protective film.

As you keep your focus upon the colour surrounding you, try to feel this barrier between your physical body, your emotional energy layer (which is the energy layer resting a few inches away from the physical body) and the outside world. When this layer is in place, intend that it removes all negative energies from your body and energy field. And intend it stops all negative energies from entering. This will reduce the amount of negative energy being absorbed by your energy.

Protective shields can be visualized at any time and in any place, whether sitting on a bus, driving your car or sitting in a bar or restaurant. The more regularly you use this technique the thicker, stronger and more effective this protective layer will become. A protective layer is quite simply an outline around ourselves and the thicker it is, with no gaps in it, the better protected you will be from outside forces.

Activate Your Energy Body

Being attuned to Reiki or some other form of energy channelling would be advised for an empath especially.

Performing the previous exercise with an activated energy body will offer the empath more power than having to use only personal energy. Empaths make gifted energy channelers. And empaths that strive to understand our world of energy can become the movers and shakers in the world.

Keep Yourself Grounded

Being an empath, the importance of keeping yourself grounded regularly can not be understated. There is a simple visualization exercise you can do to keep yourself grounded. And you can perform it at any time and in any place, with your eyes either opened or closed.

While either standing or sitting, visualize roots (like the roots of a tree) flowing out from the bottom of your feet. Imagine these roots penetrating the ground beneath you and branching down through the soil, through the sand and stones and deep into the Earth.

Now imagine these roots have penetrated a cavern in the earth and found a fast-flowing river of brightly coloured, golden energy. Dip the tips of your roots into this flowing river of golden healing energy and as you do, imagine your roots begin to draw this healing energy up from the Earth, along with your roots and through each layer of the Earth until the golden healing energy reaches the soles of your feet.

Once there, imagine your body begins to slowly fill with this golden healing energy, from your ankles, up your legs, torso, arms, neck and head, until your whole body is glowing with bright, sparkling, golden healing energy that shines a bright golden light all around your body and energy field, extending several feet around your body in a golden protective cocoon.

– This completes the visualization technique –

You can then follow this technique by performing the ‘Develop Your Energy Field’ technique explained at the start of this section.

Additionally, this technique will be even more effective if performed while standing barefoot on grass, soil, sand or rock, as is explained in the grounding section of the article entitled, Healing With Nature.

While the previous is the most important and effective ways you can learn how to deal with being an empath, there are a few additional ways you can learn how to deal with being an empath by incorporating some characteristics into your way of living.

Don’t Take On Responsibilities That Are Not Yours

An important foundation for learning how to deal with being an empath is not taking on responsibilities that are not yours. Empaths naturally feel a strong and powerful desire to help those who may be suffering and in need of help.

It’s not uncommon for the inexperienced empath to spread their energies far and thin in an effort to help everyone around them. It is important to know that this is simply not possible. As one individual simply can not be expected to take on the burdens of the world and everybody else.

Empaths, being highly sensitive individuals, need to pay special attention to their emotions and feelings. As well as the emotions and feelings of the people they choose to give their time to.

This is important for the overall health and sanity of the empath. Because if one spends too much time focused upon helping everyone, it will be impossible to spend the necessary time tending to themselves.

This, in certain circumstances, make the empath appear cold and insensitive However the average person simply does not have the necessary awareness to judge your actions and non-actions. Each empath is the only person with adequate awareness and capability to make such a sound judgement.

A responsible empath to take care of their own psychological, emotional and energetic health first and foremost. Because an unbalanced and unhealthy empath is of no use to anyone and can be a hazard to themselves.

Avoiding Negative People and Situations

Avoiding negative people and situations is another way of learning how to deal with being an empath. Empaths who are aware of their abilities and the effect other people and situations have upon them are very selective about who they give their time to and in what situations they choose to involve themselves with.

An empath who does not concern themselves with such things would be advised to take a look at their life. And to ascertain whether their relationships offer them any benefit or value. Or if it’s the empath who is constantly giving in their relationships.

Energy vampires, narcissists, and naturally controlling people will typically be drawn and attracted to the empath.

And this will be a natural and subconscious reaction to the empaths open willingness to give their energy to others.

Relationships with such energy vampires can be especially unhealthy for the unaware empath. As they can be seriously draining to the point of affecting health, well-being and quality of life.

Likewise, situations that are likely to be challenging for the empath are places with lots of people and negative energy. Such as hospitals, care homes, or places where large amounts of people may be expelling negative energy. Such as funeral and churches.

Take Time In Solitude

Spending time alone is important for everyone to self-reflect. And it’s another way you can learn how to deal with being an empath. Spending time alone is especially important for an empath. So they can to process and release the build-up of negative energies that have accumulated in their energy field during their day.

Spending time in solitude could also involve completing the grounding technique listed previously on this page. Or by taking some time to meditate. These will both help considerably.

As an empath and healer myself, it is very important that empaths learn how channel energy. So they can use this for personal healing, protection and energy shielding purposes.

An empath who learns how to channel energy will soon realize why it is a gift to be an empath and not a curse.

In any case, take some time in solitude. And perform one or more of the suggested survival exercises listed on this page. With practise, you will set yourself in good standing to deal with whatever life throws at you.

Learn Anchoring NLP

The final and most effective ways you can learn how to deal with being an empath is using NLP Anchoring. An aware empath that is familiar with energy channelling is a very powerful and capable individual.

However, for those still learning how to deal with being an empath, this Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique can be especially useful for the struggling empath.

As our thoughts directly influence our energy field, one can enter a specific energetic state of being using thought and visualizations.

The NLP Anchoring technique will help you to discover how to change your emotional self at will, which in turn affects your energy field. It is an especially powerful combination when anchoring is performed by an empath.

According to research, around 1 in 5 people are sensitive empaths. Being an empath, however, is not a disorder. It is a gift. Like any tool, one must understand how to best use that tool to benefit from it. It can be challenging to learn how to deal with being an empath in a world so full of mentally dominant characters that think too much and feel too little. Once you learn how to use your empathy positively, you will discover a level of self-mastery that 80% of people never do.

At that point you will have turned your burden into the gift it’s meant to be.

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