Possessiveness | Be Free From Possessiveness and Shrink Your Ego

Possessiveness | Be Free From Possessiveness and Shrink Your Ego

Possessiveness and ego go hand in hand in a most inharmonious marriage. However, using a simple technique, you can be free from possessiveness and shrink your ego once and for all.

In the group video, titled, ‘Learn How to Let Your Dead Leaves Drop’, I mentioned that eventually, everything will leave your life. It doesn’t matter what it is, everything will eventually be taken away from you.

So at best, you are only a temporary caretaker of everything that’s in your life. And if you look at yourself as being the temporary caretaker of everything and everyone in your life, rather than the owner, you will free yourself from this attachment.

Extending on from that video, in this video, I’m going to look at expressing possessiveness in more detail because this is a very important part of spiritual development.


You Don’t Possess Objects They Possess You

When you are possessive over something, or someone, as the human person naturally tends to be, you choose to attach your energy to that object. And so you become energetically bound to that which you claim to possess.

And if you contemplate this deeply, you will realize that it is not you that possesses the object.

It is the object that possesses you. Because you become attached and bound to that object, which puts you in a state of bondage.

And to develop spiritually, so that human consciousness expands, you cannot be attached to anything. Because it is the attachment that anchors consciousness within the body and stops consciousness expanding.

So in the deepest spiritual sense, expressing possessiveness will limit your spiritual development quite considerably.

In a more down to earth sense, and when it comes to your daily life, you’ll see that expressing possessiveness brings with it many undesirable states of being.


Possessiveness Strengthen Your Ego and Negatively Affects Your Life

When you express possessiveness, and you claim ownership over an object, this can lead to jealousy when others take an interest in your object.

And that jealousy can lead to competitiveness arising from within you, to influence you to hold on to that which you claim as yours.

And that jealousy and competitiveness can lead you to express anger and being controlling towards whoever shows an interest in your object.

That can lead to counter-productive thoughts, negative feelings, and unhelpful actions which disturb your peace and happiness.

And in some cases, jealousy can have a domino effect that leads a person down a dark path that results in extreme reactions.

All because a person believed in the illusion, of possessiveness. And of course, all this strengthens and reinforces the Ego.

When you are not possessive over objects, or not possessive over people and things in other words, and you let go of claiming objects as your own, you let go of Ego too.


What is Ego in the Deepest Spiritual Sense?

What Ego is, in the deeper spiritual sense, is ‘The identification of your self, with your physical body’.

This is when you perceive that your physical body is you, when in fact it is only the instrument of perception.

You are the ‘seer’ which observes your thoughts, emotions, and the sensory input you receive from your body.

You can eventually shrink your ego to nothing, by claiming nothing for your own, so that you are unbound and unpossessed by the objects in your life.

This will slowly change your perception, over time, to be less attached to your physical body, and increasingly aware of the True Self that sees through it.

It can be challenging to let go of possessiveness. Because your personality and character are integrated with your sense of possessiveness.

And so letting go of possessiveness is also letting go of a part of your personality and character. But that’s what spiritual development involves.

It involves completely removing all parts of your Ego, including your personality and character, until there are no more of these lenses left, to tint the vision of your True Self.

So remember, the objects you think you possess, in truth, possess you.

Learn to be free from possessiveness, and in time you will become increasingly less attached to your physical person, which will allow your True Self to see clearly.


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Possessiveness | Be Free From Possessiveness and Shrink Your Ego

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