Attachment and Expectations | Free Yourself from Expectations

Attachment and Expectations | Free Yourself from Expectations

The Buddha once said that “attachment is at the root of all suffering.” And there are many different types of attachment which can lead to suffering. One of those forms of attachment is attachment to expectations.

One can be attached to people, animals, objects, places, beliefs ideas and concepts, or just about anything else.

When your mind attached to something, you create an energetic connection with that which you attach your mind to.

And it’s true, some attachments can be more difficult to let go of than others, especially when it comes to attaching to people, or things that provide us with what we want, need, and desire.


Practise This One Form of Non-Attachment

Learning some forms of non-attachment can take almost a lifetime of direct experience to learn, however, there are some forms of attachment you can learn in a relatively shorter time.

When you learn how to be non-attached to one thing, this starts a slow and gradual process of learning how to be non-attached to other things.

And here is one form of attachment you can learn to let go of relatively easily.

Letting go of this one attachment can have a significant positive effect upon your being, and your life. And that is the attachment to expectation.

When you become mentally, emotionally, and energetically attached to your expectations you lay the groundwork for future disappointment.

Whether you expect people to act a certain way, or you expect something to come into your life, or you otherwise expect everything to go the way you want it to, you can experience disappointment, emotional turmoil, and suffering, when the reality of your life does not meet your expectations.

And of course, this affects your energy field and every aspect of your being and your spiritual development.


Free Yourself From Disappointment and Suffering

When you are non-attached to expecting your actions to yield specific results, you’re non-attached the actions of others, and you become non-attached to life in general, you free yourself from disappointment and suffering.

And you become open, receptive and accepting of whatever comes your way. This is one of the secrets to achieving lasting peace within you.

When you let go of expecting life to flow the way you want it to, and you allow life to flow the way it’s supposed to for you, this freedom from expectations allows your mind, emotions, and energy to remain balanced, no matter what’s going on in your environment.

So the first step to mastering yourself within is learning how not to allow your environment, and all the people in it, to control how you feel.

And that first step can be taken, by letting go of expectation, and accepting what the Source is bringing to you, what the Source is showing you, and where The Source is guiding you.

Hiding within every one of your life events, situations, and experiences is a message to help you grow.

Your job is to realize that message.


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Attachment and Expectations | Free Yourself from Expectations

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