21 Reiki Tips that Improve Channelling

21 Reiki Tips that Improve Channelling


Here are 21 advanced Reiki tips that will significantly improve your Reiki channelling and healing sessions!

Knowing how to develop and grow spiritually depends upon the intentions you set. Your intentions have the ability to enhance your awareness, improve your energy healing capabilities and empower your ability to manifest positive results in your life.

When you change your intentions, you change your energy field. And when you change your energy field, you change how your body and being interacts with your environment, energy and The Source. Achieving quick spiritual development partly comes down to knowing what intentions to set within your energy field.

These 21 Reiki Tips provide advanced tips, techniques and intentions you can use to seriously improve your spiritual development in a relatively short time.


Your thoughts and intentions can interact with your body and change it's energy!

Practise these 21 Reiki Tips and incorporate them into every one of your Reiki healing treatments, meditations and channelling sessions and you will notice significant improvements in your ability to channel energy.

Achieving quick and profound spiritual growth depends upon what intentions you set within your energy field. And by setting the appropriate intentions, you can alter the frequency of your energy field which in turn changes what energy you attract towards you.

Your thoughts, intentions and imagination are very powerful energy generating tools which you have at your disposal. And by learning how to properly apply these tools, you can use them to attract positive benefits into your life, while repelling the energy that doesn’t serve your higher interests.

By setting the correct intentions while you’re channelling Reiki, you can improve your connection with The Source, expand the Love within your heart and amplify your healing abilities quite significantly. And these 21 Reiki Tips will help you do just that. Use them, and watch your energy channelling abilities expand!

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