16 Benefits of Reiki | A Few Of The Reiki Benefits

Benefits of Reiki
Just before you learn about the benefits of Reiki and more precisely, the 16 benefits of Reiki we’ll look at here, I’d like to share an interesting piece of science with you. And that is the following…

Science has proven that everything in the Universe is energy, at the sub-atomic level, and this includes you and me!

Think about that one thing for a moment, if you will. You are quite literally made from the same stuff as planets and stars.

Amazing right?

It makes you think, if we’re made from the same stuff as the planets and stars, then what’s the difference between us and the stars?

The main difference between what makes you and what makes the stars is one of vibration. The energy that exists all around us exists at different rates of vibration, or different frequencies. And it’s each different frequency that determines the form of that object.

When we look with an inquisitive mind into the science behind this we come to the realization that we humans exist within an endless sea of energy which our physical body, mind and being constantly interact with.

Now for the really interesting bit.

These sub-atomic particles all have varying degrees of magnetism, so some particles attract other particles and repel others. So your body don’t only exist within an endless sea of energy, it interacts with it. You quite literally interact with the Universe and everything in it.

As all sub-atomic particles of energy can be influenced by the magnetism of other sub-atomic particles, you can quite literally influence your magnetic environment by changing your own magnetic frequency.

Sounds like magic right?

Well, in truth, no…it’s not. It’s science. And whether you are aware of it or not, you are already interacting with your environment as you read this article. And your environment is interacting with you. It’s your mind, brain and state of mental and emotional being that determines what you attract into your life and what you repel.

It’s a scientific fact!

However when it comes to Reiki, and we’ll get to the benefits of Reiki in a moment (I promise), you can learn more about, not only how this interaction between you and your environment works but, how to control it.

Your happiness, your joy, and the peaceful life you may well be searching for, rests partly in understanding how to influence your environment. This allows your environment to help influence you into a better state of being. And if you go far enough you will eventually come to the realization that there is no difference between you and your environment. You are both the same.

But I won’t blow your mind with that one just yet. So, back to the 16 benefits of Reiki and to start you off, let’s begin with a Tesla quote (because I do love a Tesla quote).

As Nikola Tesla once said:

“To understand the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

This is his secret. When you understand that everything in the Universe is energy, and all things are merely vibrating at different frequencies, then you begin to unravel one of the biggest secrets about reality. And with Reiki, channelling and meditation, you can come to a realization that there is no difference between You and Reality. Both are the same. You are part of the structure of the physical Universe. And quantum science has already started to understand this.

If that doesn’t blow your mind, then there’s still a few more things I could say that would, however we’ll leave that for another time. For now, let’s look at the 16 benefits of Reiki energy channelling.


16 Benefits of Reiki

  1. Relationships – Reiki helps to strengthen your positive relationships and removes the negative relationships from your life, helping to surround your Self with those who complement you and removing those who bring you down.
  2. Career – Reiki can help you to find your true path and purpose in life and helps to steer you towards what pleases and complements you most, while attracting the success and abundance you truly deserve.
  3. Finances – Reiki helps to show you the path towards abundance where you can make what you need in life in such a way as to complement and help all those around you. With Reiki, you can attract a better life and a better you.
  4. Stress – Reiki has been proven scientifically to reduce heart rate, blood pressure and stress, which have all been proven to reduce your risk of coronary disease, depression, anxiety, and stress related illnesses.
  5. Family – When you alter and improve the vibration of your own body, this improvement naturally ripples out towards those closest to you and helps to improve the state and condition of those you love the most.
  6. Love – Reiki helps you to understand what it means to truly Love, which is the precursor for loving those who may come into your life. After all, you have to first understand Love your Self before you can successfully give it to others.
  7. Health – Reiki automatically helps to improve your health by reducing your chances of contracting illnesses and diseases by helping to balance and harmonize your mind, body and energy field.
  8. Success – Reiki helps to remove the negative energy blockages that stand in your way of achieving the abundance, friends, love, health, peace, prosperity and spiritual growth that you deserve to achieve.
  9. Emotionally – Reiki helps to heal your past by releasing your burdens and the trapped negative energy associated with them, helping you become more balanced and emotionally stronger.
  10. Physically – If we allow our energy field to remain out of balance for extended periods of time, it can have a negative effect upon our mind and body, and in this case our immune system, which can affect our ability to fight off unwanted bugs, viruses and other sneaky body invaders.
  11. Spiritually – While Reiki can be used for healing it is nevertheless a spiritual art and practice which helps one discover their inner True Self. Learning Reiki is probably one of the easiest ways to get a head start on your spiritual path. In time and with continued practise, the intelligent energy of Reiki will guide you to where you truly need to be at each point of your journey.
  12. Relaxation – It’s been proven scientifically that Reiki can help to relax your body and put your mind at ease, helping you maintain a better quality of life while having the good health to really enjoy it.
  13. Concentration – Reiki can also help you with those moments that require your upmost focus and concentration. Reiki can be relaxing one moment, or energizing the next, it’s simply a matter of intention and what you intend Reiki to do with you.
  14. Pain relief – NHS Hospital’s nationwide throughout the UK and abroad currently use Reiki in conjunction with cancer care both before and after surgery and Reiki is known to help relieve the pain associated with many cancer treatments, as well as many other physically painful conditions.
  15. Energizes – If you’re struggling for energy or having trouble motivating yourself, then Reiki offers you the tools you need to energize yourself turbo bunny style, which is great during times of physical or mental endurance.
  16. Improves sleep – At the other end of the same spectrum, if you’re having trouble sleeping at night, Reiki can be successfully used to quieten your mind and self-talk, relax your muscles, lower your heart rate and blood pressure and generally put you in a state of relaxing peace.

So there you have it. 16 benefits of Reiki and a few ways Reiki can improve your life.

However the real magic/science will never be found by reading about Reiki alone. It can only be realized by direct first-hand experience. Reiki is not something you do, it’s more of a becoming. And with this new tool and skill you can learn the secrets of becoming whatever you wish.

If you want to discover more wonders of Reiki why not reserve your Reiki healing sessions today, in-person or by distance, or take your experience to the next level with my uniquely formulated advanced Reiki+ courses.

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