Reiki Ayrshire | Reiki Kilmarnock & Ayrshire

Reiki Ayrshire | Reiki Kilmarnock & Ayrshire


Reiki Ayrshire Treatments - Reserve your Reiki Ayrshire healing session in Kilmarnock with Yogi & Ayrshire based Reiki Master Ricky Mathieson and pay by card through Paypal, or by cash after your appointment.

CALL 07572500597 TO BOOK - Available Monday to Sunday

Reiki Treatment Options: £30/30mins - £35/45mins - £45/1hour

Location: 21 Talisker Avenue, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, KA3 1QZ

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In-person Reiki healing treatments are available in your own home, health clinic, hospice, hospital or workplace at any location on the map shown here. You may book your Reiki treatment online or can contact me to discuss your requirements.

Reiki Treatment Options: £30/30mins - £35/45mins - £45/1hour

CALL 07572500597 TO BOOK - Available Monday to Sunday

Reiki Kilmarnock & Ayrshire | Mobile Reiki Treatment Service Area
Reiki Kilmarnock & Ayrshire | Distance Reiki Treatments


There are a selection of distance Reiki healing treatments and services for International clients based throughout the world who can not attend an in-person session. These services can be viewed & purchased through

Please click the button below to browse available services.  


Why not take a course and become a Reiki practitioner yourself? Usui Reiki+ courses, attunement and tuition are available in Kilmarnock upon request.

Discover Ricky's unique form of advanced Reiki, Usui Reiki+, from levels 1 & 2 to Master and Teacher degree and become officially certified as an Usui Reiki+ Practitioner.

Please click the link below for more detailed course information.

Reiki Kilmarnock & Ayrshire | Reiki Practitioner | Reiki Treatments | Courses
Reiki Kilmarnock & Ayrshire | Download T.R.O.N. App


If you're an international client or need Distant Reiki Healing sent to you or your loved ones, download T.R.O.N. App on your smartphone or tablet for a range of Distant Services, Free Attunements, Healing Sessions, eBooks, Meditations and Workshops.

Currently only available for Android devices

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Reiki Ayrshire | Reiki Kilmarnock & Ayrshire

Reiki Ayrshire - Reserve your Reiki Treatment with Reiki Master & Yogi Ricky Mathieson and secure your Reiki Ayrshire treatment in Ricky's home based therapy room, or the comfort of your own home, hospital, hospice or care home. Reiki treatments are also available internationally through Please click the above link for available services. Ricky also offers spiritual guidance, Reiki advice and coaching to those in need of guidance and direction with their life. Please do contact Ricky should you require guidance.

Discover More About Reiki

Yogi Ricky Mathieson is an internationally known Kundalini Yoga & Reiki Master with over 19 years of energy channelling experience. If you require more information on the many wonderful benefits of Reiki, want to know what to expect from your Reiki treatment and to discover how Reiki can help you, please see the Reiki-Info page for more info and a list of frequently asked questions. You can also Learn More About Ricky or Contact Ricky for guidance and support. Read what the science says about Reiki in my Reiki Scientific Research article.

Free Weekly Distance Reiki Healing Every Sunday with Yogi Ricky Mathieson

Would you like free distance Reiki healing every Sunday night? Join me and the rest of our tribe on the Facebook group page, Reiki Glasgow ॐ with Yogi Ricky Mathieson, for free weekly Reiki healing, expert Reiki tips and spiritual advice & guidance. Join us Now and share a little Love!

Contact & Business Details

Self Help Healing Institute for Self-Awareness, 21 Talisker Avenue, Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire KA3 1QZ, United Kingdom (UK) - Phone: 07572500597 Email: URL: Price range: £30-£45
Open 10am-8pm Mon-Sun

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