About Ricky Mathieson

A Yogi, Kundalini Yoga Master, Reiki Master in three disciplines, intuitive empath and spiritual guide, Ricky specializes in energy healing & spiritual development, offering Reiki attunements, courses & treatments to help awaken spiritual seekers to their full potential. At the heart of Ricky’s mission lies a calling to help humanity realize its potential by reconnecting with the Love, Compassion and power of the heart.

Within every life experience there hides a blessing of some kind and an opportunity for greater understanding and personal growth. It’s your mission to see the lesson and uncover the blessing.

Ricky is an experienced and gifted healer who began his energy channelling journey nearly 20 years ago as a young teenager in the country of Scotland. His gift and enthusiasm guided Ricky towards becoming an Usui Reiki Master, a Karuna Reiki Master, a Reiki Tummo Master and a Kundalini Yoga Master.

Ricky is also a loving and compassionate teacher and spiritual guide who has been trained in the ‘Maharishi Mahesh Yogi technique of Transcendental Meditation’ and by a number of renowned Eastern Masters and Enlightened Yogi’s, including Yogi Irmansyah Effendi, M.Sc, in the science and art of Advanced Reiki and Meditation Yoga for the purpose of God-Realization.

If you need assistance, treatment, training or guidance, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ‘Contact’ Ricky by e-mail, phone or text.


– Yogi Ricky Mathieson

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