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Reserve your place today for Reiki in Glasgow, Kilmarnock & surrounding areas with Yogi & Reiki Master Ricky Mathieson. Distance Reiki is available through and in-person treatments are available in our Glasgow therapy clinic, my Kilmarnock home, or your home, workplace or other desired location through the links below. 


Reiki courses are available in-person in Glasgow, Ayrshire and surrounding areas, or available for absent-clients internationally through Discover the wonder and power of Reiki, take charge of your mind, heart and energy and uncover the true secret to happiness.

Reiki Courses in Glasgow


Get your Open Heart Chakra Crystal & 925 Sterling Silver chain today & unlock the healing power of your heart, with your own energetically charged rose quartz healing pendant charged weekly by me, Yogi Ricky Mathieson. Heal your heart with this gift of Love today!


Check out my blog for a selection of helping articles and videos focussed upon Health, Reiki and Spiritualty and discover techniques and practices to improve your health and well-being, expand your consciousness and improve your Reiki, spiritual development and life.

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About Reiki Master Ricky Mathieson


Ricky is an accomplished Yogi, Kundalini Yoga Master, a Reiki Master in three disciplines, intuitive empath and spiritual guide who specializes in energy healing and spiritual development and has almost 20 years of experience in energy channelling and personal development.


If you're an international client or need Distant Reiki Healing sent to you or your loved ones, download T.R.O.N. App on your smartphone or tablet for a range of Distant Services, Free Attunements, Healing Sessions, eBooks, Meditations and Workshops.

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Discover your nearest Reiki Glasgow share, learn more about Reiki, inform yourself with the facts, uncover the answers to the most frequently asked questions related to Reiki treatments and courses and reveal a few of the things Reiki can be used for to improve health and well-being.  

Reiki in Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire & Internationally with Yogi & Reiki Master Ricky Mathieson

Book your Reiki Glasgow session with Ricky now in the comfort of your own home, hire Ricky for a range of Reiki services by distance through, or take your next step in evolutionary self-development with a Reiki Course and discover the secrets of Reiki for yourself. Reiki has the power to change your life in the most unimaginable ways. The only thing you need is a desire and willingness to explore your inner self and a Reiki Master to guide you. The secret to your happiness and success awaits within you. Open your Heart. Awaken. Discover. Learn...and evolve! To learn more about the Reiki Scientific Research available for Reiki please click the previous link.